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One stop comprehensive service for electronic components
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Product Available

Complete models, direct supply from stock

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Sales Management

Inventory operation management capability

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Scheme Development and Design

Rich product solutions have been accumulated to assist customers in development

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Technical Support

Original factory technical engineer of domestic and foreign brands

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Provide customers with brand original electronic components
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Brand official authorization
Fully qualified traceability

More than 10 years experience in supplying imported chips

Get the goods directly from the original brand

Regular sources of supply continue to be stable

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Quality control
Quality inspection Sign quality agreement

Legal guarantee, false one pays ten

Brand original product

China Electronic Components Center Laboratory

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Tens of millions of spot inventory
Full range of scientific storage

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Material global brand original deployment

Scientific management system to control warehousing environment

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Massive brands

Well-known brand official



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Brand original electronic components

Shenzhen Hlinsemi Electronics Co., Limited

electronic components

      Shenzhen HlinsemiElectronics Co.,Limited is a customer centered electronic component supplier and reverse supplychain solution provider.

e are authorizes distributor of ISC,FORWARD, MOSTSEM , SSMEC, MXTRONICS.We also have strong advantage on independentdistribution of nearly 100 world-leading brands including ADI、XILINX、TI、MICRON、ALTERA,etc.Our business coversI07T, smart home appliances,instrumentation, industrial control, medical, power electronics,communication networks,aerospace and other industries.

Our company have been growing rapidly since the establishment, we set up branches across the world, based in China.radiation to the world.

Wle provide superior industry supply chain management standards with our own warehouse as the fulcrum, and provide high quality,high standards of customer-focused service philosophy based on industry experienced management team.

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Electronic components direct supply from stock
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