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  • Manufacturer:VISHAY
  • Manufacturer model:SI2301CDS-T1-GE3
  • Encapsulation:SOT-23-3
  • Data manual:

product details introduce

Manufacturer:    Vishay    

Product Category:    MOSFET    

RoHS:     Details    

Technology:    Si    

Mounting Style:    SMD/SMT    

Package / Case:    SOT-23-3    

Transistor Polarity:    P-Channel    

Number of Channels:    1 Channel    

Vds - Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage:    20 V    

Id - Continuous Drain Current:    3.1 A    

Rds On - Drain-Source Resistance:    112 mOhms    

Vgs - Gate-Source Voltage:    - 8 V, + 8 V    

Vgs th - Gate-Source Threshold Voltage:    1 V    

Qg - Gate Charge:    3.3 nC    

Minimum Operating Temperature:    - 55 C    

Maximum Operating Temperature:    + 150 C    

Pd - Power Dissipation:    1.6 W    

Channel Mode:    Enhancement    

Tradename:    TrenchFET    

Packaging:    Reel    

Packaging:    Cut Tape    

Packaging:    MouseReel    

Brand:    Vishay Semiconductors    

Configuration:    Single    

Fall Time:    10 ns    

Product Type:    MOSFET    

Rise Time:    35 ns    

Series:    SI2    

Factory Pack Quantity:    3000    

Subcategory:    MOSFETs    

Transistor Type:    1 P-Channel    

Typical Turn-Off Delay Time:    30 ns    

Typical Turn-On Delay Time:    11 ns    

Part # Aliases:    SI2301CDS-T1-BE3 SI2301CDS-GE3    

Unit Weight:    0.000282 oz    

VISHAY introduce

威世通过收购许多著名品牌的的分立电子元件的厂商促进了公司发展,例如:达勒(Dale)、思芬尼(Sfernice)、迪劳瑞(Draloric)、思碧(Sprague)、威趋蒙(Vitramon)、硅尼克斯(Siliconix)、通用半导体(General Semiconductor)、BC元件(BCcomponents)、贝士拉革(Beyschlag)、国际整流器(International Rectifier)的某些分立半导体与模块

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